Quintus Technologies

Global leader in high voltage technology

As the world's leading high voltage technology company, we have delivered more than 1,900 systems to the aerospace, automotive, energy and medical implant industries。

Our products and solutions are applied to:

Quintus Technologies uniform rapid quench and cooling

Densification of materials

More than 90 percent of the HIP systems we've installed over the last 40 years are still in use。Quintus Technologies® 's exclusive prestressed wire wound cylinder block and frame design concept guarantees the design of high quality pressure vessel systems。

Densification of materials

HPP is revolutionizing the way food and beverages are processed and preserved, enabling manufacturers and marketers to create innovative products that more customers demand, such as foods that contain no preservatives and retain natural nutrients。 HPP also minimizes energy and chemical use, which makes sense from a sustainability perspective。

Example of Quintus Flexform hydroforming pressing of parts

Sheet metal forming

Many companies, especially in the aerospace sector, use flexible forming techniques to produce most of their sheet metal components。Fluid presses are well suited for small volume production of military and commercial aircraft components。

Timely technical support

We are sincerely committed to providing you with the best possible support, so we provide support services in the following areas:
America, Europe and Asia。

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